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Re: Multispeech (Was: Using emacspeak with speech-dispatcher)

T. V. Raman writes:
 > please rebuild the patch against the cvs snapshot the day you
 > email it out.

In fact I rebuilt this patch against the 27th March CVS snasphop. It
has been applied successsfully to the current CVS snapshot.

Thank you for taking in account the Multispeech patch; the URLs are
copied at the end of this post [1].

The persons who would like to try out Multispeech could patch
the Emacspeak CVS snapshot using:
bzcat emacspeak-multispeech.patch.bz2 | patch -p0

and install Mutispeech and the related softwares (MBROLA, enlex,
ru_tts). Visit please, the Igor B. Poretsky's ftp site:

Igor proposes Debian packages too:
deb ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/debian-packages sarge main non-free
deb-src ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/debian-packages sarge main non-free

Best regards,


[1] The URL is:

Its md5sum:

value: a5259544cc2b18c8f5fc1a6432b01686

Oralux http://oralux.org

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