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The ViaVoice tts

I have been trying to use the ViaVoice tts and coming up with a really
strange phenomenon which neither Tim  nor  Robert D. Crawford have
reported during the course of their discussions on this list.

I am running  a Fedora Core 3 system and have installed ViaVoice from
the rtk which Oralux plan to use for their Oralux Gold CD. I am
running VV using the OS simulation.

The problem is one of "spurious output".
Let me explain with a specific instance.

Trying to listen to Raman's blog on Voice locking and ACSS

after line 13:
` 4. The numbers in voice-bolden-settings as an example:'
I hear "a circumflex inverted exlamation point" repeated several times and
the explanation following becomes impossible to figure out because of
this spuriae.
     Trying  out the voice sampler I can see how the voice locking can
     make for a much enhanced audio desktop but unless this current
     problem is resolved, it is not clear how useful this tts  will 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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