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The ViaVoice tts

Hi Tim,

Frankly I don't know where the problem lies. Perhaps you are right: it
is a matter of non-ASCII characters.

About half an hour ago  in response to Lucas Lohrer, I sent a short
txt file which exhibits this behaviour. I will try your suggestions
and see if I can clear this up. 

By the way, the way I was listening was to take the point to the
beginning of the line where the post on voic locking started. Then
M-2 C-e b (read rest of buffer).

With flite the output is clean not so with VV. But if I take point to
the place where the nonsense begins (using flite) I hear `octal 227'.
Tel me if you see/hear the same thing as I do on the file I sent with
my reply to Lucas.


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