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Re: The ViaVoice tts

Hi Kalyan,

It is as I expected, the 'spurious' text you report is due to extended
characters in the text. In the example you provided there are
decoration lines between the the text lines. I did notice that if I
use C-n and C-p to move up and down lines, the decoration lines are
not spoken. However, if I use S-M } emacspeak-browse-paragraph or
page-up/page-down, the lines are spoken. To get around this, I go to
the offending line, press C-space to set mark, move one character
forward and then copy region (which will consist of 1 character) and
then run C-e d a to set a new cleanup pattern, paste the region into
the prompt and then the lines are ignored and no longer spoken. Note
that this will only work when there are three or more copies of the
character and in this case, there are. 

Also note that when I go to the blog site and look at that entry, I
see that what is actually there is a table which looks like

?    Setting     ? Value ?
? family         ? nil   ?
? average-pitch  ? 1     ?
? pitch-range    ? 6     ?
? stress         ? 6     ?
? richness       ? nil   ?
? punctuation    ? nil   ?

and I expect the site is generating pages in UTF-8 encoding. What
probably should happen is the table lines get filtered and replaced
with a tone or some other indicator that shows when you are in a
table. If you use w3 instead of w3m, you get

|   Setting   |Value|
|family       |nil  |
|average-pitch|1    |
|pitch-range  |6    |
|stress       |6    |
|richness     |nil  |
|punctuation  |nil  |

You may be able to get w3m to use something like us-ascii rather than
UTF-8 characters and get a similar result if you prefer to just hear
tables spoken in that format. Of course, another approach is to use
xslt to translate the tables into a completely different format which
gets rid of the borders completely or marks hem with something else
you prefer. 

Although this probably isn't the answer you were looking for, the
issue is not a problem with ViaVoice and the speech is not spurious -
you are getting exactly what is on the screen. Now, the question
becomes how you want to handle that - filter it, translate it or



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