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debugging https access under emacs/w3

And I'm running
> yum info installed 'openssl*'
Installed Packages
Name   : openssl
Arch   : i686
Version: 0.9.7a
Release: 43.2
Size   : 2.4 M
Repo   : installed
Summary: The OpenSSL toolkit.

 The OpenSSL toolkit provides support for secure communications between
machines. OpenSSL includes a certificate management tool and shared
libraries which provide various cryptographic algorithms and

Name   : openssl-devel
Arch   : i386
Version: 0.9.7a
Release: 43.2
Size   : 3.6 M
Repo   : installed
Summary: Files for development of applications which will use OpenSSL.

 OpenSSL is a toolkit for supporting cryptography. The openssl-devel
package contains static libraries and include files needed to develop
applications which support various cryptographic algorithms and

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