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Process Speaker Not Running - Emacspeak 23

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to port Emacspeak 23.0 to AIX 5.3d. I have Emacs 21.4 installed on my machine.

I can't seem to fix this "process speaker not running" error. Yes, I have referred to the Emacspeak FAQ's webpage (http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/install-guide/troubleshooting.html), verifying that TTS (version is functional.

Note, I am using my machine's sound card (Ultimedia Integrated Audio), not an external dectalk box, to output voice.

Please advise,

William H. Chan
IBM AIX Accessibility Intern

P.S. If someone had already found the solution to this problem, don't waste time re-explaining: just forward the e-mail to me. Thanks!

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