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Re: Problems with voice locking in Emacs 22

Yes. Quite a few of the font names have changed in the CVS
version of emacs.

I run emacs out of CVS as well, and for the modules I use
frequently, I've made most of the updates; I've not used gnus
heavily in a while.

My plan is to progressively cut over to the emacs 22 names since
emacs 22 is fairly close to being released.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> Hello Lucas, Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net>
    Robert> writes:
    >> In GNUS, voice locking in the message body does not work
    >> correctly. In particular, the standard voice is used
    >> whether text is cited or not. For the first level of
    >> citation, I get the following output from "C-e M-v":
    >> Emacs 21.4: emacspeak-gnus-cite-1-personality Face nil
    >> (gnus-cite-face-1)
    >> Emacs 22: Personality nil Face nil (gnus-cite-1)
    Robert> If I have this separated correctly, what I am seeing
    Robert> is that _maybe_ the name of the font has changed
    Robert> somewhere in gnus.  It seems that the version you are
    Robert> using with e21 calls the face gnus-cite-face-1 and
    Robert> the version being used in e22 is calling it
    Robert> gnus-cite-1.
    Robert> Just knowing this might not help any, but it might
    Robert> lead us to a solution.
    Robert> rdc
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