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More fun.....

if you get into a state where you're sending bad chars to the
Dectalk, here are the things you need to do to clean things up:

0)       Unplug the cable from the dectalk.
1)       Power cycle the Dectalk  until it's sane again.
2)       Kkill any tcl processes that might still be waiting to
send nasty chars.
3)    Ppppplug in  the cable back  into the Dectalk
4) Power cycle, and hit C-e d R to reset stae.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> Just following up on the problems I experienced with the
    Tim> dectalk express.
    Tim> It turns out Raman was partially correct - the dectalk
    Tim> is getting itself into a confused state which requires a
    Tim> power cycle to correct.  I had tried power cycling and
    Tim> it didn't make any difference. However, it seems the
    Tim> problem is something in the server initialisation which
    Tim> is causing the problem and it doesn't always happen.
    Tim> When I tried power cycling before, it didn't work
    Tim> because after the power cycle I'd do a C-e C-s to get
    Tim> things back in sync, but the re-initialisation would put
    Tim> the dectalk in a confused state again. The problem
    Tim> doesn't happen everytime and I found power cycle
    Tim> followed by C-e C-s a few times and then things would
    Tim> work.
    Tim> I will try to track down the exact problem over the next
    Tim> few weeks.  Problem is this is my work system and until
    Tim> I can get ViaVoice working reliably again, I cannot
    Tim> afford to take my dectalk home to do the diagnosis.
    Tim> Tim
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