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I've done a diff on the old and new atcleci.cpp sources. The new
version ($Id: atcleci.cpp,v 21.39 2006/05/12 02:16:32 raman Exp $)
crashes with a failed assert ie

size_t alsa_configure(): Assertion `err >= 0' failed.

The diff of the old and new versions shows a change from 

err = snd_pcm_hw_params_get_buffer_time_max (params, &buffer_time, 0);


err = snd_pcm_hw_params_get_buffer_time (params, &buffer_time, 0);

in the new version. Changing this call back stops the failed assert.
I'm now going to look at the alsa docs to find out what the difference
is between the two functions. However, I probably won't have time to
do this until next weekend due to work commitments. 


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