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Re: Error: Could not load libibmeci.so

T. V. Raman writes ("Re: Error: Could not load libibmeci.so"):
> The run time assertion is probably because you have a newer ALSA?
> Which ALSA version do you have?

No solution in this post, just some observations:

Just saw that you went back to the call without the _max in
version 21.45 of the atcleci.cpp. This does not work for me either with alsa
1.0.11. I believe it used to work with earlier versions, even
with 1.0.10. From my earlier experimens, I assumed that the presence
of an .asoundrc file with buffer- and period-size in it would set
those sizes to fixed values and thus the call without the _max should
work. This is apparently not so. What appears to work however is to
write the hardware parameters before querying the buffer size, as
done in Tim's test utility. I really wish there were more detailed documentation for

Best regards, Lukas

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