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Re: Unidentified subject!

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

> Your recipe was perfect! I chose  the `edit' option after C-e Meta-d
> and did a Tab completion to get to LaTeX mode dictionary; did my
> changes and saved them. Now I don't grit my teeth every time the word
> `differentiation' is pronounced. And I just discovered it also is
> working in Mail mode!

Hmmm... I don't think it should be working in that way.  The definitions
should be mode-specific, so you would have to define the pronunciation
in each mode in which it should be used.  Global definitions are a
feature of the speech engine, at least that is the case for viavoice, as
I understand it.  There was a post recently concerning this.  There was
also a post by me within the last several months asking about global
definitions and, as I remember it, Dr. Ramen pointed out that this was
left out of emacspeak for a good reason, as global definitions are
generally a bad idea.

> Whenever I read  the Emacspeak info manual, I spend a lot of time
> reading about the Audio Desktop etc. and then go on to try some
> feature I had not noticed before. Never got as far as pronunciation
> dictionaries! Is there a way of telling info to go to node number 11.4
> or whatever?

I think this is possible, but I just press "s" at the top node of the
emacspeak info file and do a search for emacspeak-pronounce.  If the
first place that you come to is not the right place, hitting s again
offers up emacspeak-pronounce as the default search term.  Hitting enter
will take you to the next instance.


Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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