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Re: emacspeak-realaudio

Hi Kalyan,

I do not know about realplayer, but you can listen to streams with
mplayer just find from within emacspeak. Provided that mplayer is
installed on your system correctly and the real audio codecs are
present. Just Then, just use the command


and choose a resource to play. With low bitrate streams, it can take
some time for the cache to fill up enough that mplayer starts the
actual playback.

mplayer has many dependencies and it is probably worthwhile looking
for a repository with binary packages for your distribution. 

mplayer can use alsa for audio playback. If realplayer only supports
OSS, you may be able to run it via the "aoss" utility, which emulates OSS via

Best regards, Lukas

> 	It seems to me  that very few Emacspeakers use the command
> 	`C-e :' which is probably why TVR has not achieved his `wish'
> 	of adding a section on realaudio to the user-guide.
> I have been trying to use this facility and getting into difficulties:
> I have realplay installed and the following in my .emacs
> ; realaudio stuff
> (require 'emacspeak-realaudio)
> (setq emacspeak-realaudio-shortcuts-directory "/home/kalyan/music/")
> I have used customize to set the variable
> emacspeak-realaudio-player to /usr/bin/realplay
> I have the link/ram for the BBC worldservice copied to the shortcuts
> directory as bbcnews.ram.
> When I do `C-e :' I am prompted for the resource and I hit Space and
> choose bbcnews.ram.
> I hear "Launched audiostream" followed by silence. Emacspeak, emacs
> etc all seem to hang! The only way of recovering is Control + Meta +
> Backspace which kills the gnome session in which Emacspeak was
> started.
> If I do `realaudio bbcnews.ram' in an xterm when I am at the music
> directory, I hear the BbC nice and clear.
> A letter in the archives from '98  suggests that the problem might be
> the fact that I do not have a multichannel sound card and hence don't
> use auditory icons. Could somebody tell me how to go about using
> emacspeak-realaudio?
> TIA.
> Kalyan
> PS I am using Emacspeak 24.0 with the alsa binary eflite_alsa
> built by Lucas Lohrer as my tts engine.

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