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Re: Improving xsl transformation support in w3m

Robert D. Crawford writes ("emacspeak-w3m-browse-rss-at-point"):

> The google hits works.  If it might be useful, I can recompile w3m so
> that I can test linearize tables and such.

You should not have to recompile w3m for linearize-tables to work.
Pressing "x l" should do the trick. Anyway, the fact that some
transformations work and other do not shows the problem wiht xslt
transformations in w3m at the moment. There are two seperate
mechanisms being used at the moment, one, if the initial document is
html and the other if it is xml. I would like to unify these two paths
at some point. Also, because the transformation is applied to a
temporary file in the latter case and the file is deleted after
displaying it, you can not go back to it. Thus, when viewing an RSS
feed and you want to browse to an complete article and be able to
return to the transformed RSS, you should press "C-u C-u <RET>" to
open the article in a new w3m session.

Now, taking a step back: Ideally, the browser would know that it is showing a transformed page and
also know how to regenerate it. One possibility would be to encode the
transformation in the URL, for example:


This would be a google search for "emacspeak" with the google_hits
dtransformation applied. This URL would be in the browser history so
it could regenerate the page if necessary and you could even bookmark
the transformed page.

>From looking at the emacs-w3m code, it seems to me that it does not support
adding new protocols  on the fly, so a patch to the lisp part of w3m
would be required. to achieve the above. Also, the details of encoding
multiple  transformations in the URL would have to be worked out.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Best rgards, Lukas

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