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Re: Linux Distros [was emacs-w3]

On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 01:56:52PM +1000, Tim Cross wrote:
> Another interesting experiment would be to see how easily it would be
> to get emacspeak running under Open Solaris. This is a very
> interesting "free" OS as it has some really powerful features with a
> very commercial polish. However, much of the really powerful features
> of Open Solaris really only come into their own when using it as a
> server in a mid sized environment - for example, its filesystem
> features and support for SAN, NAS, fibre channel devices etc is very
> nice. 
You might also be interested in http://www.gnusolaris.org/
If there are already Emacs packages for it, getting Emacspeak running should
be relatively easy.
> I've run Gentoo and found it to be a nice distro because of the
> control you have. However, it is definitely not for the faint harted -
> you pretty much build everything from source. Its a good distro when
> you need a lean system optimised for your hardware, but maintenance is
> quite high compared to other distros. 
emerge --deep --update world
essentially updates everything.
emerge package_name
installs packages. I wouldn't call that "high maintenance", unless you mean
that you have to wait for everything to compile.
Gentoo runs Emacspeak perfectly well, as you would expect. I use it on my
laptop; the desktop machine has Debian Unstable installed.

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