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Re: EMACS_UNIBYTE and installing auctex

Peter Rayner <peter.rayner@cea.fr> writes:

> I know how to do this if you use a csh variant but not a ksh/bash
> type of shell.  In csh/tcsh you would type
> unsetenv EMACS_UNIBYTE 
> and hence remove that variable from the environment.
> Anyone else fill in the ksh/bash version? 

In the case of bash, you use the unset built-in like so:


but if this is the only package that needs the variable unset, and only
for compilation, you might want to save the value in a temp variable and
then re-set the original variable.  This will do the job:

$ export temp=$EMACS_UNIBYTE ; unset EMACS_UNIBYTE 

then do whatever compilation needs to be done and then run:

$ export EMACS_UNIBYTE=$temp

take care,

Robert D. Crawford

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