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Re: Linux Distros [was emacs-w3]

Tim asked about distros. SuSE 10.0 does not include Emacspeak, and it
comes with tclx 8.4, which does not supply /usr/bin/tcl. The only TTS
included is Festival.

While I was finding these things out I read the installation
instructions at http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/. The link named
"Installation" on that page goes to the introduction by Jim van Zandt
and Jennifer Jobst, which is five years old. The only software TTS
mentioned is the old version of ViaVoice that IBM gave away. The link
named "Reference" goes to a manual that only mentions hardware Dectalk.
Is there a way for someone who reads the documentation before troubling
people with questions to find a software TTS, except by an exhaustive
search of the list archives?


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