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M-x term in and outside X

Hello all,
I have seldom used the `term' mode: it is recommended to be used with
pine but I found it very difficult to write without the use of
badkspace, delete etc.

The recent letters of Tim and Robert induced me to give it another try
for running programs like mplayer.

Outside X things were fine. So I simply recount what I did under X
running a gnome session:

M-x term <RET> <RET>
 cd to the directory where I keep my mp3 music files.
mplayer foo.mp3 C-e d q <RET>

(Going into quiet mode is necessary because mplayer prints out a lot of
details about the compilation procedure)

The  nusic starts as expected;
but if I press the UP key or 
Page Up key to move forward by 1 minute or 10 minutes, the forward
movement is achieved but a horrible buzz starts from the speakers;
mplayer/Emacs  stops responding to all commands and I had to quit X by
doing Control +Meta + Backspace.

Besides filing this report, I would like to know what  are the kind of
programs one can run safely on the "M-x term" buffer. Is this what is
referred to as `eterm' in the help document one gets by typing C-h C-e


PS: I am running FC 3 and my tts engine is Lucas Lohrer's eflite_alsa
binary and I had auditory icons turned on.

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