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Media players (was: Re: term mode , X etc. )

Hi Kalyan,

I am pretty sure Robert and you are talking about the same mplayer, be
it only because you mention that there is a lot of output on startup,
which is certainly the case for mplayer unless you use the options
described by Robert. I can recommend you to try emacspeak-m-player too
as int works relly nicely, both under X or on the console. One more
useful option is ""novideo". It prevents mplayer from trying to access
the X display even if one tries to play a movie, so you can listen to
movies on the console.

A bit off topic: Another nice audio player for the linux console is
moc (music on console). It  has a simple curses GUI that works well
with simple screen readers like yasr. It is a bit more friendly than
mplayer but has only a fraction of its functionality. The keyboard
layout is very configurable, so it should be adaptable for one handed usage.


Hth, Lukas

Kalyan Mukherjea writes ("term mode , X etc. "):
> Hello Robert,
>       What I use for playing mp3 files is mplayer (The Movie Player,
>       according to the documentation.)
> It certainly is *not* the program for which emacspeak-m-player.el
>  was written.
> The documentation in the info file talks of 10-band equalizer
> etc. None of these are available on the mplayer I installed from
> sources I can't quite remember the site from where I got it. When I
> tried to go to the site for m-player mentioned in the automatically
> generated documentation, I got some kind of error from w3m.
> Actually from your experience it seems that I might be better off with
> my version. We listen to different kinds of music: Indian Classical
> music is often lengthy. Most of the pieces I listen to are between 45
> and 75 minutes long. My mplayer plays them without any complaint
> without any tweaking of configuration files! The only problem is that
> running Emacspeak outside X (no gnome-Sticky-Keys!) is very difficult
> for a one-handed typist like myself.
> I could not quite figure out    what TVR was trying to tell us 
>   (that is those who run Emacspeak under X)  about
> the `latest checkin'  perhaps you could explain it.
> Cheers.
> Kalyan
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