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Re: term mode , X etc.

Hello Kalyan,

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

This is probably shorter than my normal post, as I am leaving town... 

>       What I use for playing mp3 files is mplayer (The Movie Player,
>       according to the documentation.)

Same animal as I mentioned, and was addressed by Lucas.

> The documentation in the info file talks of 10-band equalizer
> etc. None of these are available on the mplayer I installed from
> sources 

This might be a function of support being in the sound device... not
sure as my speakers and headphones do not seem to need accentuation of
any frequencies.

> Actually from your experience it seems that I might be better off with
> my version. 

I was just offering a suggestion of something that might make life
easier.  I think in the long run, you should of course use whatever
works best for you.  I think it was mentioned in a post, I cannot
remember if it was here or elsewhere, by Tim Cross that he rarely uses
the shell because emacs has tools to replace most of the things one
would use the shell for.  I have not taken the time to learn these
things, so I continue to string shell commands together with pipes in a
shell buffer.  I have been doing this for so long that doing it another
way would take time that I could spend, at least in the short run, doing
things that I needed or wanted to do more.  As the perl community is so
fond of saying, TIMTOWDI.

> We listen to different kinds of music: Indian Classical
> music is often lengthy. Most of the pieces I listen to are between 45
> and 75 minutes long. 

Yeah, we definitely have different tastes.  I tried to listen to some
sitar pieces played during a concert following the death of George
Harrison and found them to be rather long and not terribly interesting.
I can appreciate the skill and such, but it just really doesn't work for me.

> I could not quite figure out    what TVR was trying to tell us 
>   (that is those who run Emacspeak under X)  about
> the `latest checkin'  perhaps you could explain it.

This has to do with the issues Tim asked about concerning the emacs
terminal program.  If you don't use M-x term, then don't worry... If you
do, you might want to have a look at Tim's post and my response from a
few days ago... although my post was only a "Me too".

Take care,

Robert D. Crawford

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