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multispeech and Fedora

Hello all,
Has anybody built the multispeech Emacspeak speech server on a Fedora

Recently Gilles Casse has made such a package available. But the
software requirements (besides Emacspeak-24.0) is:


This is th Debian name. Your distribution might already offered the
libdb3-dev package, perhaps with a slightly different name. "

Here is the description given by Debian:

"Berkeley v3 Database Libraries [development]
 This is the development package which contains headers and static
 libraries for the Berkeley v3 database library..."

 I am running a Fedora Core 3 system and it uses db4. (In fact
since FC1 Fedora has come with version 4.) 
When I asked Gilles, if this discrepancy in the versions will cause
problems he responded:

Indeed I do not know if db4 is fully compliant with db3. If I remember
well Igor uses db3 for the English lexicon (Enlex).

So I would like to know if the multispeech can be built on Fedora
systems without installing libdb3, or if it is possible to install the
earlier version on a FC3 system. 

Any suggestions or pointers would be gratefully received.



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