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Re: issue while testing emacspeak with ibm tts

dsp-outloud lets viavoice write directly to the sound device;
the outloud server manages the device itself. I'm  surprized that
one works and the other doesn't --- I suspect something is
incorrectly installed on the Viavoice RPM side, though I dont
know what. What version of the Viavoice RPMs do you have, and
how/where did you get them?

>>>>> "NIDHAL" == NIDHAL  <mlists_t120@yahoo.fr> writes:
    NIDHAL> Hello, Firstly thank you for your answer.  I have
    NIDHAL> write permitions to the sound device. In adition, the
    NIDHAL> problem occures under root as well as user.  I tryed
    NIDHAL> executing the dsp-outloud unstead outloud server and
    NIDHAL> the synthiser works except that there is some
    NIDHAL> problems.  For the first time my question is that
    NIDHAL> what is the diffrence between the two servers
    NIDHAL> (dsp-outloud and outloud).  I would like also
    NIDHAL> removing the "\TS1" said when reading characters.
    NIDHAL> Thanks, Nidhal.
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