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You should definitely be able to get Emacspeak to start up with a
remote server.

Do the following:

(export  DTK_PROGRAM=name-of-remote-server; emacspeak)

This should do the job unless I'm missing something.

And I'm glad you're trying this -- I've been meaning to get a Mac
Notebook to play with VoiceOver -- the combination of VoiceOver
to do  Mac things, while using Emacspeak to write software would
be a very powerful combination.

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@netbrains.com.au> writes:
    Yvonne> Hi, all I think I'm trying to do something
    Yvonne> impossible. Well at least, it's impossible according
    Yvonne> to everything I've looked at on the net, but I think
    Yvonne> I'm so close that I have to at least ask.
    Yvonne> Some background. I bought myself an apple
    Yvonne> ibook. Please don't stop reading yet. Yes, I know
    Yvonne> there isn't a speech server for Voiceover. I know
    Yvonne> flite doesn't work. I *have* though, gotten freetts
    Yvonne> to run successfully on it.
    Yvonne> the problem is this. Freetts is a remote speech
    Yvonne> server. Emacspeak seems to insist that I have a
    Yvonne> *local* speech server successfully running before I
    Yvonne> can use a remote speech server. Obviously, none of
    Yvonne> the other speech servers work without errors on this
    Yvonne> machine, or I wouldn't be trying this.
    Yvonne> Does this mean this method of getting emacspeak
    Yvonne> working on a Mac can't work either? Or is there
    Yvonne> something I can do? Can I create a dummy speech
    Yvonne> server to fool emacspeak into running just long
    Yvonne> enough to get to the remote server? Is there a hook I
    Yvonne> can use in emacspeak-setup? Or am I barking up the
    Yvonne> wrong tree, here, and my only option is to duel boot
    Yvonne> the thing?
    Yvonne> Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Yvonne> "unsubscribe" or "help"

Best Regards,

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