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At Sun, 20 Aug 2006 13:55:36 +0200,
peter rayner wrote:
> Yvonne Thomson writes:
> ...
> >the problem is this. Freetts is a remote speech server. Emacspeak seems
> >to insist that I have a *local* speech server successfully running
> >before I can use a remote speech server. Obviously, none of the other
> >speech servers work without errors on this machine, or I wouldn't be
> >trying this.
> I had to fudge something like this to get emacspeak working remotely
> at all.  This is for earlier versions of emacspeak and the remote
> servers via a listening port.  I'm pretty sure this wouldn't work now
> but the fixes might still help your problem. 
> First I wrote a trivial dummy-tcl script 
> #!/bin/sh
>  cat >/dev/null
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> then set the relevant environment variable to point to it.
> DTK_TCL=/home/users/rayner/bin/dummy-tcl
> One still needs the right things to come out of emacspeak hence, in my case
> DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-soft
> and adding a couple of things to my .emacs 
> (emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server (getenv "REMOTEHOST") 2222)
> (defun reestablish-connection () (interactive) (emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server  (getenv "REMOTEHOST") 2222))
> (define-key global-map "\C-ed\C-r"'reestablish-connection)
> I would expect something > like this to still work but bet some
> details have changed as the remote server approaches have changed.  
> I'll be interested to see what you get working since I've been curious
> about getting emacspeak working on my wife's mac as well.

I think I've still got the same problem, looking at this
description. I *think* this only worked for you because you had a local
speech server that *did* work to start with.

I'm beginning to think that an unanticipated side effect of how this
server was designed is that you can't run it as your only functional
speech server.

I'm wondering if my original idea of a dummy server is going to have to
be it. Unfortunately, TCL's not one of my languages, but I think I'm
going to try to fudge something that just outputs all the server commands
to dev null or something. It just has to run without error on the Mac, I
think, unless Raman or someone comes up with a better idea.

Hmm,. there's a lot of "I think's" in this message. Sorry, I've been
speculating out loud again, <grin>.

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