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Re: freetts

At Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:09:54 -0700,
T V Raman wrote:
> So here is your problem:
> You have freetts running listening on 2222.
> Now, you want emacspeak to start up something that connects to
> the listening server.
> Write a script that does this -- needn't be tcl, could be any
> language.
> What that script does: reads stdin --- and writes what it gets
> there to port 2222 where your freetts is listening. Call that
> freetts-local and make it executable.
> Then  point env variable DTK_PROGRAM at it 
> and start emacspeak 

Ahhhhhhh. Ok, so I'm dense. I've got it now, <grin>. I'll give this a
try and see what happens.

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