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Re: can emacspeak properly anounce font attributes in pdf and html?

"krishnakant Mane" <krmane@gmail.com> writes:

> having emacspeak on my linux box makes me now feel that there is
> nothing that can't be done in emacspeak.  however I have one strong
> doubt and I will be rather happy if I am wrong.
> I did not find a way to hear font attributes in an html page.
> like if the text is centered or aligned left etc.  if the text in
> question is bold or italics, is some thing underlined.

I have touched on this before.  Layout attributes are, as far as I know,
not available via the interface.  Since most layout is not much more
than visual fluff intended to make the presentation more attractive, I
cannot really see how knowing that something is centered or aligned
otherwise would be terribly useful.  The only exception I can think of
would be the case of preformatted text such as source code.  In this
case, turning on auditory indentation notification is the answer.  w3m
will, if using a tts engine that supports it, vary the voice to indicate
bold text, links, images, and header lines.  Italics, lists,
preformatted text, etc. are not voicified because of limitations in the
underlying w3m browser, and w3 deals with these well.

> when a common user reads out a web page to a blind person and the
> blind person asks how the "xyz " text is formatted, he often hears the
> sited friend saying "it is bold and is aligned in the center".
> are their some key strokes that can be used to get such an effect in
> html and pdf?

To read pdf docs, you will need to convert them to some kind of text, be
it plaintext or html.  Google for solutions to this, but I think it
might have been touched on here before.

> if no then I will like to help out doing some similar thing and make
> web experience more beautiful for emacspeak users.  further, I have
> still not grasped the way to creat formatted pdf files?
> can I create an html file with all my matter and then convert it to pdf?
> I think this idea will help me create documents with rich formatting etc.

converting to pdf from html is possible, as I mentioned before.  I have
done this with varying results.  I do not remember what the name of the
utility was that I used, but I seem to remember that it was html2pdf.  I
think the quality of the output mainly depends on the complexity of the
html document.  

I think Robert Chassel (not sure if I got your name spelled correctly,
my apologies) gave very detailed instructions as to how to do some
document creation.  You might want to go back and re-read his post.  If
things are still not clear, then you might want to google for readme
files, man pages, and the like for the various programs he mentions.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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