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Re: can emacspeak properly anounce font attributes in pdf and html?

On 08/10/06, Robert D. Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> wrote:

> I have touched on this before.  Layout attributes are, as far as I know,
> not available via the interface.  Since most layout is not much more
> than visual fluff intended to make the presentation more attractive, I
> cannot really see how knowing that something is centered or aligned
> otherwise would be terribly useful.
the answer lies in your above statement itself.  will it not be good
if even blind people create visually appealing documents for sited
people.  afterall our world is not limited to only people like us?
and although our world is full of one colour (dark black).  we can
still percieve things by imagination.  and when we deal with sited
world they wil be more impressed (customers, team leaders, boss etc.)
if we create visually appealing properly formatted documents.  in some
cases it even becomes a must to do so in the commertial world.  so
making a rich presentation is equally important for a blind person
with the exception of making a document for another blind person.

>The only exception I can think of
> would be the case of preformatted text such as source code.  In this
> case, turning on auditory indentation notification is the answer.  w3m
> will, if using a tts engine that supports it, vary the voice to indicate
> bold text, links, images, and header lines.  Italics, lists,
> preformatted text, etc. are not voicified because of limitations in the
> underlying w3m browser, and w3 deals with these well.
ok, so when we use w3 is it possible to hear all these attributes?
and how?  could you please explain?

> To read pdf docs, you will need to convert them to some kind of text, be
> it plaintext or html.  Google for solutions to this, but I think it
> might have been touched on here before.
what I again want to know is that can I actually read the html page
directly converted from pdf.  here the asumtion I am making is that
the page is a simple html document with a few bolded and underlined
words here and there and some where center alignment and a few headers
like <h1> or <h2> to give some headings to the document.
thanks again.

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