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Re: on text properties

On 08/10/06, Robert D. Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> wrote:
> One thing that I did not mention, as I originally thought there was no
> need but have since thought otherwise is that text properties in html
> and such are dependent on the tts engine.  I can only speak of flite,
> which does not support voice properties, and via voice, which does.
I can't understand this analogy.
if emacspeak can grab the font attributes through w3 for that matter,
all it needs to do is send a textual message "text is bold " to the
speach synthesizer and nothing else.
may be emacspeak can have some keyboard shortcuts for rendering this
kind of info.  like in jaws for windows just press insert + f and you
can here every font attribute, no matter which synthesizer you are
so kindly explain how it depends on a speach synthesizer and not on
emacspeak + w3 itself?
thanking all.
I want some info on how and from where I can buy viavoice or at least
a page from which I can download.

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