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On 08/10/06, Robert D. Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> wrote:

> Let me make sure we are on the same page here.  If you run M-x shell,
> you are given a prompt.  At the prompt, you type something like
> tracer
> and then hit TAB.  At this point you should hear the completion of the
> word traceroute, which is oute, which sounds like the English word that
> is the opposite of "in".  Is this not the functionality you are seeing?
exactly, this is what I find missing.  I have to every time do c-e w
for reading the last (completed ) word.  it is a bit odd to do it
every time,  I don't get the completed command (the remaining part as
in "out " from the above mentioned command).  so I doubt some thing is
mis configured in my case?
> I have never used lynx under emacspeak, but I think it can be done in a
> term buffer.  See the appropriate section in the info manual for help in
> running terminal applications.
> As in my previous posts, emacs-w3m works well.  emacs/w3 works well.  I
> have had  better luck with the former.
I don't have w3 installed on my desktop, may be I will try it tonight.
> > and what is the best tool with emacspeak for web serffing?
> This is a matter of personal preference.  Try out them both.
well, if w3 is going to anounce font attributes like bold, italics and
underline etc, I will go with w3, as it is very important for me to
make formatted documents.  the point is that I need to create richly
formatted pdf docs for my daily work.

> I think I have mentioned this before, but many of the people on this
> list use emacspeak as their interface to the computer all the time.
> From the minute my desktop comes up until the time I shutdown I use
> nothing but emacspeak.
wow, sounds interesting.  if I can surff the web, create my regular
documents and read/ reply emails from yahoo or gmail, nothing like it,
I am ready to climb up the learning curve if it can do all this.  I
hope I am not expecting too much out of emacspeak when it comes to
reading and replying emails.  again, I use mainly gmail and yahoomail
for my daily emails.
just wondering if I setup pop3 and get vm to work with emacspeak, even
gmail wont be a problem.  is that right?
> There is a lot of google integration for emacspeak, w3, and w3m.  See
> the info manual for details.  Also, in a w3 or w3m buffer use C-h m to
> see what keybindings are active in that mode.  The names of the commands
> are pretty self-explanatory.  If the names are not enough, use C-h f to
> see documentation on particular functions.
yes I will try that.
> There are several html modes for emacs.  See the emacswiki for more
> info.  For conversion to pdf, external utilities are required.  Look for
> htmltopdf or html2pdf.  I cannot remember which,
never mind I will find that out.  my only concern is reading the
formatting and other font attributes.
> The best way to understand the capabilities of the browsers would be to
> use them.  As I mentioned in a prior post, the voicification differs
> between the two browsers.  w3 gives you more information, as it will
> render italics, voicify headers differently depending on level, etc.
> w3m gives you information, but not as much.  This is not a limitation of
> emacspeak, but a limitation in w3m.  It will tell you that text is bold,
> if it is a link, image... try it out and see.  You might want to create
> an html page with various tags to see how the two browsers react.  As
> for centered text and whatnot, there is no way that I am aware of to do
> that.  You can turn on one of the indentation notifiers and that will
> tell you how far the text is indented, but not centered.
I think you gave a wonderful suggestion.
by the way one small observation.
in the emacspeak manual, w3 is by default explained for web browsing,
wonder why?
thanks a lot.

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