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   > With LaTex, texinfo and other markup languages, there is no point as
   > this information is readily available from the markup tags. For
   > example, in LaTeX, bold is denoted by \textbf{This text is bold}.
   here is the problem I can point out.  if I want to view the ready
   LaTex document before converting it to pdf etc.  I will like to
   concentrate on the text and the tags will come in between and may
   disturb the reading.  

Then do not listen to the LaTeX using LaTeX mode; listen to the
contents using a mode that converts the markup to differences in

For example, convert the LaTeX to HTML (I presume you can do this) and
use W3M mode.  (W3 mode does a better job, but is really slow; it
needs maintenance.)  Use LaTeX mode to listen to the markup.

Presumably, you will also listen to a text-to-speech synthesizer with
different voices rather than one that does not.

As for LaTeX itself: more than 15 years ago, I looked into using it in
place of Texinfo for GNU documentation.  LaTeX looked better.  But it
turned out that while you could write good online help documents in
it, most people wrote only for high resolution, printed output.  Of
course, LaTeX was designed for that.  It was not a technical problem;
it was a social problem.  You cannot fault people for doing what a
program provides.

An online help system has to work quickly; it has to work with all
sorts of machine.  LaTeX couldn't.  With LaTeX, you could produce very
good high resolution, printed output for sighted people.  But not
other outputs, not when you used all its capabilities.  So I dropped

As far as I am concerned, LaTeX become an intermediate or output
format; it stopped being a possible input format.

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