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can't hear auditory icons, is it due to flite?

hello all,
I have tried hard to have auditory icons provide me information about
html documents.  I am very comfortable with w3m now.  but I haven't
yet found it reading headings or what is actually a link and what is
normal text.
like for example when I am reading text in w3m, if I encounter a link
while reading the text, it should say the word "link" or some thing
like that to tell me it is a link.
similarly I want to find out a way to identify that the line I am
reading is a heading.
I got the indentation spoken out so no problems with that.
however since many experienced emacspeak users have been suggesting me
that I must look for tone changes etc for understanding that the text
is typed with strong importance etc.  I am trying to find a way out
with that issue.
but I get the impression that flite does not change the tone in terms
of pitch or voice.  but then I found out that when I press capital
letters the pitch is raised.  this proves that flite has the
capability to change the tone in terms of pitch at least.
so how do I identify headings in a html page and how important text
can be read out in different tone using emacspeak?  the answer may be
obvious but I haven't seen the obvious working at least with emacspeak
and flite.

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