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Re: manual needed for mbrola with emacspeak setup

I am repeating the following because it might be interesting to
others, and I mistakedly did not post it to the list:

There is an apt repositroy by the Orlux project, that offers Debian
packages for multispeech (and all its dependencies) and the alsa
enabled flite and eflite. The announcement by Gilles is here:


krishnakant Mane writes ("manual needed for mbrola with emacspeak setup"):
> am also sending this email particularly to lukas.
> "Lukas Loehrer kindly proposes his eflite/flite packages compliant with
> ALSA. He also helped to improve some of my multipeech packages."
> lukas, can you please provide me the way to manage these packages?  I
> mean if the character pronounciation has improved for letters like "u
> ", I will be more than happy to use mbrola voices instead of flite and

As far as I can tell, The version of multispeech in the aforementioned
repository is very similar to what comes with your 0.7 alpha Oralux
CD. The mentioned minor changes mainly concern the packaging itself
and thus are unlikely to affect your problems with multispeech. I
mentioned the repository so you can easily get the alsa enabled flite
and eflite packages which should at least allow you to use auditory icons.

> by the way another strange thing I found out is that there is no way I
> can know that the page which I wanted to open in w3m has actually
> opened. 

This is one area where auditory icons come in handy because a sound
will be played when the page has loaded completely . w3m will
sometimes say "Fontifying... done" which is also a good indication
that the page has loaded completely.

Best regards, Lukas

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