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krishnakant Mane wrote:
sir T.V. Raman, are there other applications you feel must be shown?

I am not Mr. Raman, but I do have a few suggestions to make. VM is by 
and large the best email client for a emacspeak user, and if you can get 
it up and running you should include it in your presentation. Also for 
fans of online chatting show them something like tnt, an AOL instant 
messenger client for emacspeak, or the emacs irc client. You could also 
walk them through gaining access to the shellvia eshell, and how to do 
basic Linux commands via eshell.
You should sho them some esentual Emacs navigation, commands, and modes 
such as dired for browsing your directories in a list more-or-less like 
you would in an other directory browsing/exploring application.
In short, I realise the most important thing you wish to acomplish is 
addressing fear, but here is an opertunity to show others the depth and 
range of the emacs/emacspeak desktop as compared to other alternatives 
out there.

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