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listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak.

hello every one,
hello sir Raman, I am specifically sending this email to you as I will
particularly like your comments on this one.
I will be doing a seminar on emacspeak and its use to common blind
computer users (may not be programmers or computer savi).
first off all, thanks to the help and assistance all you provided, I
am back to my good old days of emacspeak when viavoice was available
and used to run on redhat 8.  I was out of touch ever since I had
problems with ibm viavoice and then lost complete touch.    with the
precious advices and the documentation I am back to being efficient
with emacspeak.  the only thing remaining is configuring it with
festival which robert is helping me.
never the less I have also gone ahead with lisp programming.
given this background, and the kind of audiance expected, which
applications should be considered most user friendly?  I will include
text editing and formatting with LaTeX and html, internet surffing
with w3m and listening to music Cds.
for those who will be interested in programming, I will be doing
python and may be lisp.
rather I will show them how efficient and productive one can be with
programming useing emacspeak..
sir T.V. Raman, are there other applications you feel must be shown?
my main aim is to remove the fright and uncertainty amongst the people
who feel that emacspeak is very very hard to use.
so I don't want to demonstrate those applications which don't work out
of the box and can intimidate people away from using it.
thanking all.

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