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Re: listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak.

On 25/10/06, Thomas Ward <tward1978@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not Mr. Raman, but I do have a few suggestions to make. VM is by
> and large the best email client for a emacspeak user, and if you can get
> it up and running you should include it in your presentation.
hi thomas, where were you for so many days?
I want to get vm up and running and I am sure that is more than easy
by emacspeak standards.  but I also want to know the way to get gmail,
yahoomail and the most popular email services including rediffmail
wirking with vm.  I have herd that gmail can't be accessed using vm.
if that's treu and if there are no solutions yet for getting it up and
running, then I wont demo vm, just because I only want to demonstrate
some thing wich is a complete solution over a problem.  by telling
people some thing like, "use vm but avoid using gmail, yahoo etc."
wont do justice to the concept of free as in freedom on which gnu/
linux is based.  so please tell me if vm can be used with gmail and
I don't want send mail to come into picture because then it becomes
difficult for a common man to configure their email services.
I believe directory editing is a very good choice and also the calender.

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