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audio icons work everywhere except w3m.

hello all,
I am finding emacspeak more and more interesting and comfortable too.
it has changed quite a lot since I left using it 5 years back.
now I am however facing a very strange problem.
I had been informed by senior members on this list that audio icons
can give lot of information like when a web page is completely loaded
and also about indentation as well as text typed strongly.
I got some more out of audio icons for example I find that in the
directory editing mode, I get a double beep when the directory is
the blank lines also give a beep and I get differnt beep at dotted lines etc.
but I can't get all the effects explained to me when browsing the web
with w3m.  I have to keep on checking if the page in question has
loaded or not.
for example when I had earlier posted a question about understanding
the formatting of web pages, I was told that strong text is anounced
with some audio formatting.  I haven't got such an effect so far.
further more I can't get indentation information spoken out as
"indented 4 spaces".  I know this happens because emacspeak used to
tell me this when I used it in my good old days.
second problem I face is that I can't get emacspeak running with all
my users on the system.  I have 4 users and a root user, emacspeak
only talks with the root user and the other user gnu, which I created
during setup.
else I get the error "process speaker not responding".
I also tried the following.
I started my machine and logged in as gnu.
I then started emacspeak which is useing eflite by default.  note that
I am using the eflite_alsa provided by lukas.
when logged in with gnu, emacspeak starts fine.
then I opened another terminal with ctrl alt f2.  and keeping the
other user logged in, I log in with another user called developer.
now when both the users are logged in, I can even start emacspeak from
the user sheel hell for developer.
can some one explain why this is happening?
apart from .emacs, what other files might need to be coppied?
thanking all.

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