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Re: audio icons work everywhere except w3m.

"krishnakant Mane" <krmane@gmail.com> writes:

> I had been informed by senior members on this list that audio icons
> can give lot of information like when a web page is completely loaded
> and also about indentation as well as text typed strongly.

Here you are talking about 2 different things.  Events should trigger
auditory icons.  Text properties in w3m do not trigger auditory icons
but are denoted, when one uses a tts that supports multiple voices, by
changes in the voice pitch.

The first question that needs asking might be the version of emacspeak
that you are using, although I believe the auditory icons in w3m have
been there and functional for quite a while now.  

The next thing we need to know is whether or not your version of flite
supports using alsa or if you are using the oss version.  

I turned auditory icons on for this experiment.  Here, when I visit a
web page and it is loaded, not only do I get an auditory icon telling me
that the page is loaded, but it also tells me the title of the
just-loaded page, if there is a title.

> I have to keep on checking if the page in question has loaded or not.

I tried going to another buffer while I was waiting for the page to load
and everything went as it should... auditory icon and title of document
spoken after loading.

> for example when I had earlier posted a question about understanding
> the formatting of web pages, I was told that strong text is anounced
> with some audio formatting.  I haven't got such an effect so far.

See above.

> further more I can't get indentation information spoken out as
> "indented 4 spaces".  I know this happens because emacspeak used to
> tell me this when I used it in my good old days.  

Have you turned on emacspeak-toggle-audio-indentation?

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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		-- Baretta

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