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Re: audio icons work everywhere except w3m.

krishnakant Mane writes ("audio icons work everywhere except w3m."):
> second problem I face is that I can't get emacspeak running with all
> my users on the system.  I have 4 users and a root user, emacspeak
> only talks with the root user and the other user gnu, which I created
> during setup.
> else I get the error "process speaker not responding".

There used to be a problem with the permissions of the socket file
that eflite clients use to connect to the server. They were set in
such a way that only the user who started eflite first and of course
root could write to it. This was fixed maybe half a year ago. Find out
what version of eflite you are running by doing:

eflite -v

You should have ll20060528 or better 0.4.0. Look at the output of

ls -l /tmp/es*.socket

Check what socket files are listed and if the permissions are
"srw-rw-rw-". If they are different, you are using a version that does
not include the fix.

Best regards, Lukas

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