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Attached is a tarball containing three patches for today's svn build of

There is a patch for emacspeak-gnus.el that is mainly voice mapping for
the upcoming emacs version 22.  There is also advice for a few more
functions and a new function to downcase the article body.  Some of the
voices have been changed to make a little more sense.  If this is a
problem for anyone, please let me know on the list and we can see if
we can get comments and a consensus. 

There is a patch for emacspeak-message.el that contains voice mappings
for emacs versions 21 and 22.  Also, there is advice for a few functions
that were missing.

There is a patch for emacspeak-w3m.el that contains a change that speaks
the title of the document switched to if a w3m buffer is killed using
the w3m-delete-buffer function.  This works only if the variable
emacspeak-w3m-speak-titles-on-switch  is non-nil.  The voice for
underlined text has also been changed from voice-brighten to




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