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Re: persisting problem for browsing backwards in forms with w3m

krishnakant Mane writes ("persisting problem for browsing backwards in forms with w3m"):
> however one thing I strangely noticed is that I can't move in the
> backword direction in a web based form.  suppose I am filling a form
> which has 5 text boxes and while I am on the 5th text box, I realise
> that the 4th textbox needs some data modification, I have to move
> entirely to the start of the page and then cross over to the form and
> tab down to the 4th field.

You can cycle through the form fields on a page using [ and ].

> just as tab moves from link1, link2,
> link3 etc, I want some thing that can do it in the opposit order.
> I am at the end of the page alt > and now want to go back in the list
> of links on the current page.
> is there a solution or do we need to implement it?

Let's se...
You know that TAB moves to the next link. Now, in a w3m buffer, you

C-h c TAB

and emacs tells you sometingh like:
 TAB  runs the command w3m-next-anchor

So, the command you are looking for is probably called
"w3m-previous-anchor". Thus you do

C-h w w3m-previous-anchor

Emacs will tell you what key it  is bound to or that it is not bound
to any key. In the latter case, bind it to a key of your choice, for
example M-TAB.

In general, study the chapter in the emacs manual about the help

Best regards, Lukas

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