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Re: persisting problem for browsing backwards in forms with w3m

I don't know about forms, but 

   ... just as tab moves from link1, link2, link3 etc, I want some
   thing that can do it in the opposit order.

I use w3m-previous-anchor to go in reverse.  In my version of X, that
is shift-tab.  An alternative keybinding, meta-tab, is intercepted by
the Enlightenment windowing system and does not work in Emacs at all.
However, on this same machine, shift is not recognized in a console
and there I use meta-tab.

`w3m-previous-anchor' takes me from link3 to link2, and so on.  It
goes backwards in links from the end of a page that I have got to with

Does the command work with forms?  I am curious.

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