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persisting problem for browsing backwards in forms with w3m

hello all,
first of all I am pritty comfortable with w3m and emacspeak now and
since I got the auditory icons working fine, I have started to dabble
around with w3m and the web in general for a lot of things.
however one thing I strangely noticed is that I can't move in the
backword direction in a web based form.  suppose I am filling a form
which has 5 text boxes and while I am on the 5th text box, I realise
that the 4th textbox needs some data modification, I have to move
entirely to the start of the page and then cross over to the form and
tab down to the 4th field.
same is with the link.
I had posted this problem before but seams my statements were not so clear.
I know when I press s and move up the links I previously visited, I
get the previously visited pages some thing like going back in
but I am on a page and on the current page I am say, reading a table
of contents, I go from chapter 1 to 15 just to know what are the
titles, now I just want to move in the backward direction and when I
find chapter 14 I hit enter.  just as tab moves from link1, link2,
link3 etc, I want some thing that can do it in the opposit order.
I am at the end of the page alt > and now want to go back in the list
of links on the current page.
is there a solution or do we need to implement it?

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