Re: eterm problems

In message <199701061910.LAA23134@labrador>, "T. V. Raman" writes:
>1) As mentioned in some of the emacspeak docs --eterm is a terminal emulator
>that started shipping with emacs only after version 19.29.

I have solved most of my eterm problems.  A few puzzles remain:

 "M-x term" works with emacspeak.  "M-x terminal-emulator" has a
little more friendly interface (on startup, it displays a message
stating what the escape key is and saying how to get the help
message), but it does not work with emacspeak.  Are these modes two
versions of the same thing, or competitors, or what?

 "M-x term" has a character and a line submode.  Each has a bunch of
commands starting with C-c.  There are only three such commands common
to both modes.  Two of these are the commands to set the submode: C-c
C-k, C-c C-j.  In both submodes, characters you type are spoken.  In
line mode, a command's output and the shell's prompt are also spoken.
Do you have any comments as to when each submode is useful?

 "C-t ," will usually tell you where the eterm pointer is.  The top
left corner of the window is "row 0 column 0".  However, the pointer
can also be above the first line of the window.  That region is also
described as "row 0".

I am writing this up for an expanded version of the texinfo file that
I'm working on.
                          - Jim Van Zandt