Re: Emacspeak 3.52 released:

Bryan Smart writes:
 > Would you mind clarifying this for me?
 > Sound files?  Why do I need .au files in order to use an externall synth
 > with a speech package?  Are they for some internal speaker speech routine
 > or what?
 The .au files are used by Emacspeak to produce "non-speech cues" if you have a
sound card.
They are not essential for getting all the feedback you need; at the same
time, if your computer does have a soundcard, the sound cues make the
interface very interesting.

To give an example, when you open a file, you here a sound associated with
"opening an object", when you close a file, you hear another sound that is
associated with "closing an object" etc. 
 > tnx
 > Bryan Smart
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