remote emacspeak and dynamic ip addresses

hi everyone.

my uni provides dialup ppp connections.
the only catch is that they use dynamic ip allocation.
so i get a different ip address every time i log on.
this proved to be a real hassle when trying to use remote emacspeak.  i was modifing the remote-tcl script every time.

I wrote a couple of scripts to get arround this problem.

if anyone else is having the same problem, let me know and I'll give you the scripts.  they sure make life a lot easier.

i just type remacs on my machine at home, and it launches emacspeak on the remote machine.  i've found it useful to run remote emacspeak from the command line, rather than from inside the terminal emulator.  
this means that emacspeak on the remote machine behaves exactly like emacspeak running localy, no need to worry about hitting c-e twice every time you want to send it a command.

i have one question though:
if you are running remote emacspeak from within term, is there a way to cut and paste from a local emacs buffer to a remote emacs buffer?


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