Re: user modifications directory?

>>>>> ""Greg" == "Greg E Priest-Dorman" <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

  "Greg> perhaps it would be usefull to have a place with user
  "Greg> modifications to emacspeak like Bart's scripts for remote
  "Greg> sessions over dynamic ip?

  "Greg> I would be willing to add this to the site here at vassar.

  "Greg> To do this I would like a description of the code, version of
  "Greg> emacs and emacspeak it has been tested with, and known
  "Greg> limitations along with the code.  Then I could just drop them
  "Greg> in to a "user-contrib" directory or something like it.

  "Greg> I would be willing to maintain an index page for the
  "Greg> directory.  It would be available via web or ftp.

  I vote for this one.  You could send the README file
from user contributions to the list.

  "Greg> The other option for short things is to mail them to the list
  "Greg> and then they get archived anyway.

  This is ok for *very* short things, but should go
into the contrib directory also.

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