Re: Parts-of-speech in English resource?

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, john.w.hartman@boeing.com wrote:

> Hi,
>  I'm looking for something on the net, which so far remains elusive.
> Perhaps you could help me find such a resource if it exists...
>  What I want is a text (.txt file) based listing of all (or even a
> most-used of X number) parts-of-speech in English. In other words, one
> file of all adverbs, one for all verbs, etc. in alphabetical order.
>  It's been suggested I get a dictionary file and sort for this myself. I
> can't seen to find a dictionary file which comes close to being able to
> be sorted this way with the resources I have.
>  I'd appreciate it very much if you know of such a site or any other
> suggestions.
> This is for personal use, in creative writing, not for profit...
> Thanks in advance,
> dobe

The Moby project has done more-or-less what you want. archie for 


to find the exact location, but I think I remember that it's at: