Week 14


  • Midterm II: still being graded
  • CEQs: next Monday (last class)
  • Lab 9 this Friday: time devoted to working on Assignment 5: Simple Tetris
    • due: Mon, May 24, 11:59pm (last day of classes)
    • latest you can turn in this or any other assignments/labs:
      • Thu, May 27, 11:59pm (end of study period)


  • Lecture 16: Lambda (unnamed function)

Sneak preview of:
–CMPU-102: Data Structures and Algorithms, and
–CMPU-145: Foundations of Computer Science

  • Lecture 17: Asymptotic Analysis (Big Oh)
    • How well do functions perform as size of input data increases?
    • Case study: finding the max of a list
      • another use for local expressions
  • Lab 9: Assignment 5: Simple Tetris
    • or any other labs/assignments that need finishing up/checking off