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No more feedback for hiding with emacspeak-hide-or-expose-all-blocks

Should be fixed now --

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> I recently noticed that
    Lukas> emacspeak-hide-or-expose-all-blocks stopped speaking
    Lukas> its message when hiding blocks.  The problem seems to
    Lukas> be in
    Lukas> emacspeak-hide-all-blocks-in-buffer
    Lukas> At the end of the function is the following code:
    Lukas>     (when (interactive-p) (dtk-speak (format "Hid %s
    Lukas> blocks" count)))))
    Lukas> the function is not interactive, thus the message will
    Lukas> never be spoken. There is no such test in the
    Lukas> corresponding function
    Lukas> emacspeak-hide-expose-hidden-blocks-in-buffer. I would
    Lukas> have made a patch, but I am not sure what the desired
    Lukas> behavior is.
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
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Best Regards,

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