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Re: Playing Music from Dired

I suggest you investigate things before assuming things. C-e; on
a dired-line  plays the file under point.

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:
    Steve> Yeah but I want to be able to scroll up and down a
    Steve> list (directory contents) and hit the enter key or
    Steve> similar to play the highlighted track.  The only thing
    Steve> I've managed to do with c-e ; is to pick a whole
    Steve> directory and then have mplayer play the entire list
    Steve> and I can then skip from track to track in there.  I'm
    Steve> also thinking of when I might be going through a
    Steve> directory of mixed files and come across an MP3 or ogg
    Steve> file and wonder what it has; I would like to be able
    Steve> to pop that track into mplayer from dired or something
    Steve> similar and hear it.
    Steve> At present, I can do this quite easily outside of
    Steve> emacs with Midnight Commander but thought it would be
    Steve> cool to set dired up to support this.  Is that
    Steve> possible? I hope this is perhapse clearer.
    Steve> On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 05:04:31PM -0700, raman wrote:
    >> Use C-e; -- and follow the documentation.
    Steve> -- HolmesGrown Solutions The best solutions for the
    Steve> best price!  http://holmesgrown.ld.net/
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