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Re: Playing Music from Dired

Hi List,
T. V. Raman writes:
 > I suggest you investigate things before assuming things. C-e; on
 > a dired-line  plays the file under point.

I have never been able to use the `C-e ;' or `C-e :' keychords
I have realplay  and mplayer installed. But doing either of these
keychords does not have the desired effect. 

I play mp3 files by opening a terminal (M-x term) 
cd-ing to the directory where I keep my music files (~/music/)
then typing mplayer foo.mp3
then C-e d q and then press RET.

The mp3 files play and all the key commands of mplayer can be used.

If I do not do `C-e d q' before pressing RET  there  is a lot of
gurgling noises for a few seconds and then silence. The `term' buffer
is filled with mplayer announcements about how it was compiled etc.

I tried `C-e ;' on a dired buffer showing the mp3 files in ~/music/
and as soon as I typed the keychord `C-e ;' there was a very loud
rangling (cross between  rattling and ringing) noise and then the
music started playing. The quality is much better than on the terminal
but the rangling does not stop. Emacspeak stops responding and if I
quit X using Alt+Ctrl+Backspace thenthe music stops and I can hear the
mplayer announcements going on. Rebooting is the only way to stop

What is going on?

My system is running FC 3 with Emacs -21 and  Emacspeak-25.0 revision
4289 4293.

Any help will be appreciated.


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